September 12th, 2019

A room of wonder to celebrate 35 years of Wouters & Hendrix

For some unknown reason,

a small detail or object

can make appear, as by magic,

fragrant memories of love, sounds and sights.

Those are wonderful moments

and these objects are treasures.

To celebrate 35 years of Wouters & Hendrix, we have transformed three rooms at Diamond Museum DIVA into a Room of Wonder. Take a look inside our heads and hearts trough our choice of over 300 pieces of jewellery, objects and artworks by Salvador Dali, Grayson Perry, Man Ray and many more. Our fascination with remarkable stories and with the precious metals silver and gold is a recurring theme in the exhibition. Scenographer Bob Verhelst came up with the highly imaginative setting in which trompe l'oeils, contrasts and enlargements play a central role.


The exhibition takes visitors on a journey into the world of Wouters & Hendrix. The first room, Palazzo, literally envelops the public in a golden glow. Our jewellery conducts a dialogue with subversive art, surrealist symbolism and exceptional craftsmanship.


We often draw inspiration from memories and trouvailles and give them a precious, new life. In the second room, Antichambre, flea market finds and iconic Wouters & Hendrix artwork converse with contemporary art.


In the last room, Room with a view, an impressive hand-painted curtain surrounds our dazzling silver collections. Another highlight in this room is the collection of hearts belonging to Dr Boyadjian, a cardiologist with a passion for the heart in all its forms. We selected some 30 objects from that collection, ranging from jewellery to postcards.


The exhibition ‘Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix’ runs from 13 September 2019 till 16 February 2020 in Diamond Museum DIVA in Antwerp.