January 5th, 2016

Wouters & Hendrix for Delvaux

Delvaux_EMBRACE _packshot_72dpi.jpg

Maison Delvaux regularly invites external designers to the Delvaux Studio to create a stylised item with its own craft workers. They are always designers who understand and uphold the Delvaux values: craftsmanship, professionalism and the quest for absolute quality.

This time Delvaux invited Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix, a creative duo famous for their own style of jewellery. The result of this collaboration was the bracelet "Embrace": a unique bracelet marrying the worlds of the fine leatherworker and the goldsmith.

The wide bracelet, which hugs the arm, is created from a piece of leather carefully selected by Delvaux. Wouters & Hendrix, have recreated the structure and pores of supple leather in silver. To do this, they used the traditional lost wax casting method and made a mould of the vegetable-tanned leather in sterling silver. Then, using the repoussé method, one of the oldest decorating techniques known, they made the bracelet even more beautiful.

They have brought a playful touch to this creation with the addition of a unique curve designed to cup the little bone that protrudes from the wrist (the pisiform bone).

Delvaux_Embrace04_72dpi.jpg Delvaux_Embrace09_72dpi.jpg Delvaux_Embrace07_72dpi.jpg Delvaux_Embrace11_72dpi.jpg Delvaux_Embrace12_72dpi.jpg Delvaux_Embrace13_72dpi.jpg