April 13th, 2020

Discover the story of our iconic ‘Embrace’ cuff

WH_Culture post_Embrace_1.jpg

Our pieces sometimes gently touch you, like a long earring brushing your neck, or a necklace playing with your collarbone.

WH_Culture post_Embrace_3.jpg

Melded around your wrist like it was made only for you, our iconic ‘Embrace’ knuckle cuff holds you in a warm embrace. Silver or gold are meticulously hammered by hand to take on the shape of a woman’s wrist.

WH_Culture post_Embrace_4.jpg

In 2011, we launched a limited edition of our ‘Embrace’ cuff with Delvaux.

Delvaux_Embrace12_72dpi 2.jpg

Integrating the structure and pores of pliant leather in gold-plated silver, the cuff seamlessly married the worlds of goldsmithing and leatherwork.




Delvaux_Embrace11_72dpi 2.jpg

Discover the ‘Embrace’ cuff here.