April 8th, 2020

10 tips to keep your jewelry shining all year long

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1/ Jewelry and perspiration are no friends. Remove your pieces before hitting the gym.

2/ Cleaning? Hide your treasures. The chemicals in cleaning agents can damage your jewelry.

3/ Always apply perfume, sunscreen and hairspray before putting on your jewelry.

4/ Chlorine, shampoo, soap and salt water can all tarnish your jewelry. So remove them before taking a shower of jumping in the pool.

5/ Keep your jewelry in a dark and dry place. So, banish them from the bathroom.

6/ Keep each piece separately to prevent scratching and tangling. Keep the original jewelry boxes or wrap each piece individually in a soft tissue.

7/ Remember this golden rule: wear more, clean less! Friction caused while wearing your jewelry, will give impurities no chance to adhere to the surface.

8/ Tarnished sterling silver jewelry can be carefully polished with a toothbrush and a mild, preferably natural, dish soap. Handle with extra care when cleaning jewelry with gemstones and pearls.

9/ Still no luck? For silver and gold-plated jewelry, occasional cleaning with a special cloth (available in our stores) will keep the silver shiny and remove oxidation.

10/ Brightening up your silver pieces with silver dip solution can be helpful too. Gently rinse after dipping.

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More questions or unsure about cleaning your treasures yourself? The Wouters & Hendrix team is always happy to assist you!