March 26th, 2020

Discover the story of our iconic 'Chapters' ring

Gently flirting with the contours of your neck or wrist, flexibility is what defines a chain.

Curious to see what would happen if we robbed them of their movement, we cast seven classic chain styles into a ring mold and combined them into our iconic stackable ring. R1_68_YG_2.jpg

The ‘Chapters’ rings are collectibles, each one marking a special moment in your life, slowly forming a collection of wearable memories. They are also happy to play solo, or to partner up with a different ring altogether. 0222KatrinKaren-hands-e1582893151520.jpg

The ring inspired us to design precious and playful elaborations. RGC021EYG_FRONT_WHITE-a.jpg


Discover the 'Chapters' rings here.