March 17th, 2020

Discover the story of our iconic bird foot

Like magpies filling their homes with shiny treasures, we collect trinkets, stories and inspirations in our top floor design studio in Antwerp.

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When we first talked about making a silver bird foot, we weren’t sure where to begin. How to make a mold of a living bird’s claw?


Katrin’s mother overheard us and came back with a box filled with six baby chickens, helpfully suggesting we might kill one and use its feet to be cast for a mold. Bird lovers as we are, we politely declined and went to a taxidermist instead.

A Wouters & Hendrix icon, our bird foot adorns necklaces, rings and earrings and delicately holds pearls and gemstones.

WH_Bird Foot_CulturePost_2.jpg

And those six chicks? Their offspring still happily roams around Katrin’s backyard in Antwerp.

Discover the collection here.