Playfully Precious

Infused with key Wouters & Hendrix values such as poetry and refinement, the Winter 2015 collection uses contrasting emotions and fleeting sensations to deliver striking jewelry pieces. Mixing materials in a humorous and surprising way – and looking for links between past and future –Wouters & Hendrix underline the subjective aspect of their creative process, coming up with fresh alternatives and new proportions.



Romance and memorabilia are approached in a slightly abstract and twisted way, associating seemingly random parts to make new stories come to life. Symbols may be recognizable at first, they are nevertheless not identifiable, letting the wearer come up with their own interpretation.

Structure and clothing patterns are finding inspiration within the cardboard volumes, which form the basis of every garment. Referencing the timeless elegance of Art Deco, the designers use colored perspex, adding a sense of richness to geometrical styles.



Textured and elegant, these hammered pieces are sleek and chic, with an emphasis on geometry, handicraft and movement, balancing luxury with minimalism.