What happened, Miss Mae?

What happened, Miss Mae? is an original collection with beautiful, exotic colours and elegant references reminiscent of the wild 1940s and 1950s in Cuba such as palm trees and parakeets, complemented with Moonstone, Cat’s Eye, Chrysoprase and rose Quartz. Wouters & Hendrix focuses on eccentric elegance combined with pure Belgian craftsmanship. This marvellous and surprising collection was inspired by a strange and almost forgotten story …


Looking for inspiration, Wouters & Hendrix bought an old metal box. The box contained an old film and what they saw when they watched the footage was remarkable! It shows a young girl dancing joyfully with a big black bear, who appears to be an amazingly elegant dancer…

The girl, Mae Escambrai the Pinos (94) was a Cuban dancer who has been living in Brussels since 1973. She told the story of her dancing bear. The 11-year-old Mae found Joe as a small cub, locked in a dirty circus cabin. Mae kidnapped him and raised him as if he were her 'little' brother. She taught him to dance salsa and together they danced in the streets. Sweeth Tooth Joe disappeared in May 1958 in Havana, when the country was in turmoil. At that time, talented Miss Mae and her beloved Joe were the most successful dance act of Havana. For fifteen years she kept looking for Sweeth Tooth Joe, and eventually she ended up in Brussels, penniless and exhausted.

As celebrities Miss Mae and Joe were big supporters of Fidel Castro. Some say they played an important role in preparing the revolution. Could this be the reason why Joe disappeared? Was he assassinated by the CIA?




Sweeth Tooth Joe was extremely popular with the women who came to the casino shows. This picture was taken for a fashion edition of Life magazine, starring the English model Miss Tati Templeton.



Brussels - 2015. Miss Mae at the doorstep of her house at The Marollen Brussels, telling the story of her beloved Sweeth Tooth Joe to Wouters & Hendrix.


Sweeth Tooth Joe was a regular and beloved guest
in several nightclubs in Havana, here you see
him with Miss Mae and her lover, the french baron-poet
Cyrille Feraton in Club di Montana, Havana in 1946.