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Wouters & Hendrix stands for authenticity, sensitivity, playfulness, eccentricity and pure Belgian craftsmanship. Driven by their heritage of impeccable artistry and fuelled by infinite creativity, Karen and Katrin continue their pursuit of innovation and artistic collaboration.

Most of the time, their approach in designing a collection is impulsive rather than rational. They tend to just get going and see where it will take them. This often means visiting a bookshop, museum or exhibition to soak up inspiration, or travelling to another city to clear their minds.

For over 30 years Wouters & Hendrix have stood for the uninterrupted and diligent creation of jewelry. Today, no less than 70 collections have come into being, all with different stories and a string of haunting names such as: Stones for Wilma, Healing Jewelry, Ex Voto, Les Désirs de Désirée …

With everything they create and every collection they have made, they embrace the mystery of everyday life, which reveals a whole universe at first glance.

The Wouters & Hendrix story is an ode to friendship and teamwork. There have been reports of a true Wouters & Hendrix family. The team members’ portraits on the annual holiday cards show the company’s gradual expansion!

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Wouters & Hendrix!

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History is what the present is to tomorrow. With that idea in mind, Wouters & Hendrix collected thirty years of legacy in five uniquely designed time capsules. Each capsule contains statement artefacts that will stand the test of time. Without holding onto the past, and yet keeping its finger on the pulse of today’s zeitgeist, Wouters & Hendrix is looking forward to the future. Against the backdrop of the digital revolution, each capsule was translated into a short 3D film directed by the young visual artist Frederik Heyman.

Just as every jewel in the Wouters & Hendrix universe is created with thought and care and is the result of a unique balance between traditional craftsmanship and today’s trends, fusing the fleetingness of video art with the longevity of jewelry art is another manifestation of their sense of postmodernism. Likewise, the idea of preserving thirty years of Wouters & Hendrix in time capsules can be regarded as a futurist act. While the feasibility of electronic and magnetic storage media being preserved into the distant future may be hotly debated, history has proved that jewels stand the test of time.

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