With every collection made, the designers tell a unique story. The stories of the collections come to life and are discovered through the artefacts they have collected over the years during their numerous visits and travels, giving new edge to their collections. Along the way, their mix of refinement and adventure became more and more sophisticated and so did the materials of their craft shifting from copper to Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones such as Onyx, Quartz, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl,...

Wouters & Hendrix designs 3 Sterling Silver collections a year. The jewelry they create is a dialogue between ostentation and austerity, between shadow and light. They also offer a permanent "My Favourite" line, made in Sterling Silver, a collection that contains creations out of former collections. Since 2007, the designers also translate their imagination into 18kt gold. Thanks to this new material, they evolve to an expression of more personal and calmer shapes, by creating single parts testifying to a timeless beauty.

Antwerp's most brilliant label

To let consumers confidently choose from the wide range of diamonds and jewelry in Antwerp, the city of Antwerp and Antwerp World Diamond Centre created the quality certificate Antwerp's Most Brilliant. The Antwerp’s Most Brilliant certificate is only awarded to jewelers who meet the rigorous quality requirements in terms of sustainability, ethics, safety, transparency and service. Thanks to this label consumers can buy jewelry confidently. Wouters & Hendrix is honoured to have received the certificate and to be part of this exclusive group of jewelers. Click here to download the declaration of honour with regards to the required AMB standards.

No two diamonds are exactly alike. Each one is unique. This is why over the years a universal standard for identifying diamonds has been set. The quality and value of a diamond is defined according to the 4 Cs. Click here to read more.